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Contents of this section are applicable only for 2.x versions of Orb. Please click here, if you have installed Orb Caster v3.x.



What is Orb? What is Orblive? How does it work?

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Orb is a media streaming application, once installed on your 'always-on', internet connected home PC / MAC OS-X (Intel 10.5 or later)**, your PC / Mac acts like your personal broadcasting system. You will have the ability to stream content remotely through any web enabled-connected device like a mobile phone, PDA, laptop, iPhone (or iPod Touch) etc..,

OrbLive is a small client application that you install on your iPhone (or iPod Touch) to stream your media (Photos, Music, Videos, Live TV/ Webcam) from anywhere.

To learn more, see OrbLive on User Guide section.

** Currently we do not support Live TV on Mac.
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