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Contents of this section are applicable only for 2.x versions of Orb. Please click here, if you have installed Orb Caster v3.x.



How do I upload photos or videos from my phone camera to my Orb PC?

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To upload photos or videos from your phone camera to your Orb PC, you need to first create an Upload PIN in Orb, then send your files via email with the specifications described below.

To create an Upload PIN: (this is a one-time setup only)

1.  Log on to your Orb account, then click Open Application > Control Panel > select User Account (from the pulldown menu) > click Media Upload Pin

2.  Enter a PIN in the box provided on the right panel, then click Apply.

To upload your files via email:

1.  attachment – attach the photos and/or videos you want to send to your Orb account. Each file must not exceed 10MB.

2.  to - Enter as email recipient, where myOrbLogin is your actual Orb login name. Note that must not be changed.

3.  subject - enter your PIN (as created above) as the first word of the email subject and the name of the folder in which you want Orb to store these files as the second word of the email subject. If such folder does not exist, Orb will create it.

Note :  if your attachments contains mix media (e.g., photos and videos) and the folder name you enter does not exist on your Orb PC, Orb will create two folders with that folder name, then store your files in their default Upload folders, as follows:
a. your photos in "My Pictures\Uploaded\foldername"
b. your videos in "My Videos\Uploaded\foldername".

You’re done. Once you have created an upload PIN in Orb, you can use this method to upload media files to your Orb PC from any other PC’s email client.

Note :   By default, Orb stores your uploaded files, respectively in “My Pictures\Uploaded”, “My Video\Uploaded”, “My Music\Uploaded”, and “My Documents\Uploaded”

To change these default media Upload folders: click Open Application > Control Panel > select Photo (from the pulldown menu) > enter the new folder path for your uploaded photos. Repeat the same for Audio, Video and Documents.
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