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Contents of this section are applicable only for 2.x versions of Orb. Please click here, if you have installed Orb Caster v3.x.



What file types (or file extensions) can I stream via Orb?

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The general rule is that you should be able to stream in Orb:
  • any Windows media file you can play locally on your Orb PC in mplayer2.exe. To launch mplayer2.exe on your Orb PC, click Start > Run… > type mplayer2 > OK;
  • any Real media file* you can play locally on your Orb PC in Real player. If you do not have Real player and do not want to install it on your Orb PC, you can still stream Real media files in Orb if you install the Real Alternative plug-in;
  • any 3GP media /Quicktime file (.3gp, .mov, .qt, etc.). Orb installs a DirectShow filter which should be sufficient to decode these files, even if you do not have the Quicktime player (or iTunes) installed on your PC. If, however, you are still experiencing difficulties to stream certain 3GP media files, try them again after installing the Quicktime Alternative plug-in.
Note: the Orb setup program also installs a codec pack which should enable you to stream all major file formats. Please see the Recommended Third-Party Codecs section of our support downloads page, for more information.

* Streaming of .ra, .ram Internet TV / Internet Radio URLs are not supported in 2.5x series.
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