Orb Caster
  • 3.20.0039
Orb Controller
  • Orb Controller for iPhone / iTouch / iPad    3.11.41
  • Orb Controller for Android mobile phones   5.3.35
Orb Live
    Orb Live for iPhone / iTouch / iPad    3.6.8
  • Orb Live for Android mobile phones   5.0.69


Would you like to tryout the new Party Mode feature (a.k.a Multi room setup)? Click here for more details.
Stream personal music, SiriusXM Internet Radio & Pandora from your iPhone/iPad/iTouch or Android phone to your Orb Music device without a PC / Mac using Orb's AllPlay.
Don't have a smartphone? No problem - control Orb devices from your computer, download Orb Controller for PC / Mac from our Download Page.
Orb Product Support Going Forward

As described in our new home web page (www.orb.com), Orb’s team and technology is becoming part of a larger company in order to create a very broad industry play. Because this new company is not an end consumer product company, we will be winding down Orb’s existing product operations. Below is a summary of the timeline and actions that we will be taking.

We stopped selling all new Orb products in early May.

We will, of course, honor the 1 year manufacturer’s replacement warranty for defective Orb Music’s and Orb TV’s.

We will no longer be providing bug fixes or updates for our products. Many of the features should continue to work, but we cannot guarantee it. Specifically, changes in content services could cause these services to fail inside Orb and we will not be updating the software for these changes. Also, new versions of smart device hardware or operating systems could cause the Orb controllers on these platforms to malfunction.

Orb Music, Orb TV and Orb BR operate primarily on your home network and should continue to work with the caveats in the previous paragraph.

Orb Live (Android and iOS) as well as Mycast utilize cloud servers. Orb will not indefinitely maintain these cloud servers. For OrbLive we are currently planning to shut down the service at the end of 2013. For Mycast, the free service, we will continue the service at least for the next couple of months (through August 2013), but certainly no longer than the end of 2013.

We will continue customer support for warranty issues for one year. For normal customer support questions, we will continue our email support until the end of the year, although our response time may be slower than the original 24 hour target

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